October 23, 2014


Dag Heward-Mills

READ: John 8:12-32

...I have ordained a lamp for mine anointed.

Psalm 132:17

Use the Word of God as a light for your path. There is so much darkness in the world. We often do not know what to do, but God has provided a light for Christians.

God's Word is a lamp and a light for us. When you put on the light, you can prevent yourself from stumbling over furniture. Jesus Christ is the light of this world. You need light in this life! Jesus (the Word) is the light for your life. People who have tried to live their lives without Christ and the Word have discovered that it is painful to stumble around in the darkness.

A young man wanted to know the way out of his marital difficulties. I realized that what he needed was the Word. He asked, "Are you going to pray for me to have my deliverance? I was told that my wife has a marine spirit." I asked him, "What is a marine spirit?" He said, "Oh, it's something they say I have to be delivered from. So I want you to deliver me."

I thought to myself, "This man wants a quick fix. He does not want the Word. He does not know that nothing sets you free like the Word of God does." I asked him, "Are you faithful to your wife?"

He smiled, "Um... not really. Actually, I have not been faithful to her at all!" I advised this man to have a pastor and belong to a church. I told him, "Your marine spirit is the least of your problems. What you need is the Word of God to guide you in this life. You need the light of life, otherwise, you will continue to grope in darkness."

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