The Most Recent Conference Messages 
ISI Work of Ministry Conference
29th July- 1st August, 2014
"Transform your Ministry"
(Accra, Ghana)
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download 14.ISI_14-Ten Reasons Why People Do Not Use Their Talents
Dag Heward-Mills

118:28 min
download 13.ISI_14-Seven Methods of Dealing with Disloyalty
Dag Heward-Mills

139:09 min
download 12.ISI_14-Steps to the Anointing
Dag Heward-Mills

114:57 min
download 11.ISI_14-What it Means to be the Lord's Anointed
Dag Heward-Mills

81:14 min
download 10.ISI_14-Seven Signs of a True Son
Dag Heward-Mills

30:52 min
download 09.ISI_14-The Supernaturnal Powers of a Father
Dag Heward-Mills

85:25 min
download 08.ISI'14-Types of Fathers
Dag Heward-Mills

152:33 min
download 07.ISI_14-The Importance of Bringing Sacrifice Back into the Church
Dag Heward-Mills

72:35 min
download 06.ISI_14-The Loyalty of Jesus Christ
Dag Heward-Mills

47:05 min
download 05.ISI_14-Six Principles of Disloyalty
Dag Heward-Mills

161:20 min
download 04.ISI_14-Loyalty and Disloyalty
Dag Heward-Mills

106:50 min
download 03.ISI_14-The Importance of Reading To a Minister
Dag Heward-Mills

63:14 min
download 02.ISI_14-Amplify Your Pastoral Ministry With Miracles and Manifestations of The Holy Spirit
Dag Heward-Mills

59:56 min
download 01.ISI_14-Transform Your Pastoral Ministry
Dag Heward-Mills

128:30 min