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Preached at
First Love Church, Accra-Ghana
14th September 2014
Lighthouse Chapel Int. Airport-Accra
14th September 2014

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download The Determinants Pt.7 (Keys for Favour)
Dag Heward-Mills

115:59 min
download The Determinants Pt. 6 (Sources and Effects of Understanding)
Dag Heward-Mills

103:36 min
download Four Reasons Why We Should Be Fruitful
Dag Heward-Mills

63:11 min
download Bearing Fruits
Dag Heward-Mills

45:47 min
download Those Who Forget
Dag Heward-Mills

108:35 min
download Dangerous Sons Pt. 2
Dag Heward-Mills

73:46 min
download Dangerous Sons
Dag Heward-Mills

96:54 min
download Indonesia Conference-Day2-Session2-The Art of Following

76:03 min
download Indonesia Conference-Day2-Session1-Loyalty and Disloyalty

130:14 min
download Indonesia Conference-Day1-Session1-Steps to the anointing
Dag Heward-Mills

137:04 min