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Healing Jesus Crusade, Ede, Nigeria


By the grace of God, Healing Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills has arrived safely in Ede, Nigeria for the 5-day Healing Jesus Crusade. There were banners, posters and different kinds of paraphernalia, advertising the upcoming crusade, decorating the streets of Ede and it’s neighboring towns. It was simply colourful sight. The streets were lined up with people, many of whom were also dressed in the colours of the Healing Jesus Crusade, cheering, waving and hoping to catch a glimpse of the Evangelist they had been hearing so much about.

The Evangelist was received warmly by the pastors and kings of the land at two separate civic reception ceremonies, held in his honour. He said to the welcoming crowd that had  gathered, "This is what I want you to expect: That Jesus will do something good for you this week!" Enjoy the pictures.

Day 1 - Evening Crusade (06:07:2011):

Thank God for yet another Healing Jesus Crusade In Ede, Osun State. Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills has mounted the Stage and he is preaching on God's love. Multitudes have gathered to hear the precious Word of God and to be healed. From miles away, one could hear the voice of the renowned Evangelist declaring; "Tonight is a night of miracles. The eyes of the blind will be opened tonight because Jesus is a healing Jesus. He is the same yesterday today and forever. What He used to do was opening the eyes of the blind, healing the sick and delivering them that were captive. You can expect Him to do the same today. He's a healing Jesus. What He used to say, He is still saying, today. What He used to do, He is still doing, today. He will heal you too today!"
He shared from John 3:16 and 17, that "God sent His only Son into the world so that we don't have to go to hell. God has looked at this world and seen that we are full of sin. This world is full of liars, thieves, murderers... etc. What does it mean? It means we must go to hell because the payment of our sins is death. God could see that we could never make it. That is why He came to shed His blood. That is why God sent His Son. When you reject Jesus you condemn yourself because God has done all He can to save you". The Word of God was received with joy by the large crowd that had gathered and the Lord backed His Word with powerful, amazing miracles.

Day 1 - Miracles:

1. An elderly woman who couldn't walk without her stick was miraculously and instantly healed.

2. A lump vanished from a young lady's breast

3. An old man, bent over, had difficulties with standing and walking after an accident. He walked for the first time in ten years, waving his walking stick happily.

4. A little girl had not been able to hear at all in her left ear . In her own words "when he was praying, I discovered that the ear was hearing". Her awestruck mother said "I am happy because Jesus healed my daughter".

5. Someone suffering from plantar fasciatis - a condition that causes pain in the soles of the feet with great difficulty in walking - was able to come up the stage walking, without his shoes and with no pain!!

6. A little girl with a swelling on her chest testified that the swelling had decreased in size.

God is awesome and to Him be all the glory!

Day 2 - Morning Pastors Conference 07:07:2011:

Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills started preaching around 7:50am. About 5000 pastors gathered for the conference. Everyone who registered received 2 books authored by the Evangelist.
In his message to the Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel he shared from his book "The Art of Leadership". He encouraged all to make direct contact with great people through their books. He described types of leaders and the impact the type of leader could have on the Community, the Nation and the Church. He also emphasized the need for every minister to study the art of leadership in order to avoid ending up with no money, no church members and no buildings.

At the end of the session, many of the pastors gathered testified of how their lives and ministry have been transformed by the teaching of the Word from the Evangelist.

Evangelist Dag's Comments:

I have just finished preaching at this morning's Pastors and Leaders Conference in Ede, Nigeria. I shared with them from my books "The Art of Shepherding" and "The Art of Leadership". By the grace of God, there were about 5000 church leaders in attendance from Ede and its neighboring towns. I believe that God is at work here. Keep praying with us.

Day 2 - Evening Crusade 07:07:2011:

A thick crowd gathered on the crusade grounds with some of the people standing by the roadside with the hope of catching a glimpse of the anointed man of God before he got to the grounds. The man of God on mounting the stage made some prophetic declarations before he started preaching. He said, "Tonight, He is the Lord that healeth thee and He will set you free", "Tonight God is touching your womb, You will not lose your child and you will never bury your child because He is the Lord that healeth thee".

He preached from John 3:16 explaining that God has created many wonderful things in this world but people are His best creation! He continued; "He then gave His only Son to die for us. Why did Jesus give his blood? Because it is the blood that can reach every corner. We receive life as we are washed in blood of Jesus. Blood gives life. That is why we have come to Ede. So that Ede can also be washed in the blood of Jesus and receive life. When blood does not go to a part of the body that part dies. Likewise when the blood of Jesus does not flow through the whole of Nigeria, there will be no hope. The blood in a body carries away all the toxins and impurities out of the body. Likewise the blood of Jesus possesses the power to wash away all our sins - That He might sanctify the people with His blood. Tonight every evil thing in our life is overcome by the blood of the Lamb! The devil wants you to die without receiving Jesus. Once you die, you cannot change anything, anymore. I have come to tell the people of Ede that Jesus came to this world to die for you. Do you want the blood of Jesus? I want the blood of Jesus. It is the only thing which will give me access into God's kingdom". Thousands of souls were won to the Lord in response to such a powerful word.


Day 2 - Miracles:

1. A Moslem gentleman who had the problem of passing urine at least 8 times every night went to bed after being prayed for at the crusade and slept soundly without having to wake up. Jesus had healed him of this chronic problem. He is so excited!

2. A woman came to the crusade totally bent over. She had been like that for the past 20 years but tonight, she walked upright! Her daughter said they had been to many places but it was only the power of God that had been able to heal her.  

3. An old man was marching up and down the stage excitedly. God had healed him of a chronic pain in his back and hip

4. A 7 year old girl had two attacks of measles and became totally blind. After the prayer tonight, she told her mother; "Mama, I want to drink water and I can see it right there" . She walked right to the water, picked it up and drank some. See her on stage walking on her own and imitating all the gestures of the Evangelist. Praise God, what a miracle!!!

5. Several people with strokes and various forms of paralysis were healed tonight!

6. A man who used to pass urine with every little movement was also healed.

He is indeed a Healing Jesus!



Day 3 - Morning Conference - 08:07:2011:


Evangelist Dag's Comments:

We had a powerful time at this morning's Work of Ministry Pastors Conference in Ede. I shared with them several messages including a message I call "Why Loyalty". It is important for us as ministers of God to remain faithful to preaching the message that God has entrusted to us. It is our duty as faithful stewards to preach the cross and the real reason why God sent His only Son into the world to die for us. Be blessed.

Day 3 - Evening Crusade - 08:07:2011:
The People of Ede and surrounding towns gathered in their numbers to hear the anointed Evangelist preach the word of God, to be healed and delivered. Expectations were high and the atmosphere was charged with great faith. Evangelist Dag preached a fiery message from John 3:16, warning and urging all present to take the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour. He said, "John 3:16 is the most famous verse in the Bible. God did not send His Son into the world to condemn us but that the world through Him might be saved. Why did God love the world so much? Because He created us. It is possible to create something or let something come into existence and have the people who use the thing not knowing who made it or what it is that brought the thing into existence. This is what is happening in the world today. God made us and yet we do not know Him". He went on to preach about the reality of judgement and hell and gave the people present the opportunity to choose eternal life with God instead of eternal damnation in hell. There was a great response to this burning message, as thousands of souls turned to Christ.

Day 3 - Miracles:

1. A totally blind young man was been healed!

2. A one year old baby suffering from cerebral palsy suddenly began to turn his neck during the service. This was something the baby had been unable to do. 

3. A young pregnant lady (six months pregnant) had not felt her baby move for 2 weeks. She went to the hospital and the doctors also did not detect any movement. The baby's heartbeat could not be heard. She went to the hospital twice to check, there was still no heartbeat and the baby was said to be dead. During the prayer for the sick she prayed and told God, "please don't let this baby die" and suddenly she felt her baby moving. Halleluyah!!! This is the 2nd miracle of the dead being raised in the ministry of the Evangelist. He is believing God to see at least 20 dead people raised. To God be the Glory!

Evangelist Dag's comments:

On the third day of the crusade, Kadijat Ajani,  a pregnant young lady mounted the stage to testify of a wonderful miracle the Lord had blessed her with.  Kadijat, who is between 5 to 6 months pregnant had, began to experience the absence of movement of the baby in her womb. She said she became very worried and reported to the hospital where she was examined by doctors on two different occasions. The doctors upon examining her baby, could not detect a heartbeat so her baby was diagnosed as dead. When she heard about the crusade in town, decided to come and see if the Lord will also bless her with the miracle she needed so badly. So on the third night of the crusade, she attended with her friend. During the time of praying for the sick, she placed her hand on the pregnancy and determined in her words "to experience the miracle of Lazarus!" She said to herself,  'the God that raised Lazarus from the dead will raise my baby also'. Suddenly, she began to feel kicks in her womb! Was it her baby? She could not believe it. Had her baby had come back to life? She ran forward with great joy and excitement to testify about what she had felt and what she believed it meant. The next day, she went again to the hospital to check if her miracle was actually real. The doctors examined her once again. She returned to the crusade again in the evening with a scan and a report that the baby who had been declared dead TWICE by the doctors, was now alive!! A live fetus at 22weeks with no abnormalities!! What an amazing miracle! What a testimony!!

This is the 2nd miracle of the dead being raised I have practically witnessed in my life and ministry as an Evangelist. I am still believing God to see at least twenty of such miracles. Jesus is a Healing Jesus and He still works miracles for those who believe!!! Hallelujah!

Day 4 - Evening Crusade - 09:07:2011:


As had been for the past  few days, the crowd gathered promptly in great expectation of the word God had sent them through the Anointed healing Evangelist, Dag Heward-Mills. He continued to preach about God's love from John 3:16.  He said; "God created the world and He really really loves you. But in this world, it is not everybody who you love who loves you in return. He is showing you His love by saving you today. Reach out and touch Jesus with faith and He will  save, deliver and heal you".

Day 4 - Miracles:

1. Deaf and dumb boy speaks! He could not talk nor hear. The deaf are hearing and the dumb are speaking!


2. The young lady with the dead baby which was raised in the womb comes back to the crusade today with a scan and report that the baby who was declared dead TWICE  earlier on before the crusade, by doctors, is now alive and well.... With no abnormalities! "The God that raised Lazarus from the dead will raise my baby also", was her prayer yesterday and God answered her prayer!


3. A man was healed from photophobia - inability to look at light or see in bright light.


Evangelist Dag's Comments:

It is a few hours to the final night of the crusade in Ede, Osun State, Nigeria. It has been 4 nights of real and amazing miracles! We have seen the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, the lame walking and even the dead coming back to life! Moslems come up on stage night after night to testify of the sicknesses that the Lord has healed them of. Jesus is a healing Jesus!


Final Night of the Evening Crusade (Day 5) - 10:07:2011:

It rained heavily and continuously for several hours just before the crusade in the evening. Yet inspite of the rain, the park was packed with souls expectant to hear the Word of God and to receive their miracles. Also tonight, Rev Omar Pela, one of the Healing Jesus Crusade International Board Members attended the crusade and brought greetings.
 Before the ministration of the Word, the Evangelist took a special offering to raise funds in support of the crusade. He prayed that the resurrection power of the Lord will be upon those who give to help God's work. He encouraged them "No matter how much you have, sow a seed and God will bless you". He then preached powerfully on "What shows that Jesus is the Son of God" - The wonderful, great words that He spoke, The miracles that He did and continues to do even in 2011, and by His resurrection power over death. He urged the attentive crowd, “Jesus said - I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. Tonight, if you believe in Jesus, you will live eternally and the resurrection power of the Lord will be real in your life". He prayed for the sick declaring that everybody present was going to leave with a blessing, an impartation and a miracle. True to the words of the healing Evangelist, there were many fantastic testimonies of Healing.

Day 5 - Miracles:

1. For 10 years, an elderly lady used to wake up at least 10 times during the night to pass urine. This is a symptom of diabetes mellitus. But last night, after the crusade, she went to bed and only woke up twice to pass urine. Glory to God!

2. A mentally ill boy was miraculously healed. His dad testified of how his son suddenly came to his senses after last night's crusade.

3. A 17 year old girl who used to wet her bed every night, a condition called Enuresis, after last nights prayer, went home, slept and did not wet her bed for the first time in 17 years!

4. An elderly lady testified of how she had been using only one eye from birth. She could not see at all in the other eye. But tonight, after the prayer, she opened her eyes and suddenly, she could see!!