August 31, 2015


Dag Heward-Mills

READ: Deuteronomy 8:11-20

...and thou forget the L O R D ... w h i c h brought thee forth...

Deuteronomy 8:14

God warned the children of Israel against forgetfulness.Christians fall away from Christ because they forget where they came from. They forget that their source is Christ. Don't ever forget that it is Christ who brought you to your position, and blessed you.

Many of us have forgotten who we used to be. We have forgotten what it was like to have a hangover in the morning. We have forgotten what it was like to have your different girlfriends "clashing". We have forgotten the fear of not knowing whether you have contracted gonorrhoea or AIDS.

Let us remember where the Lord brought us from. When we bought our first church building, we were all so excited.We marched from the Korle-Bu Hospital in Accra, to our new headquarters location, amidst singing and dancing. The building was an old cinema that we rebuilt into a beautiful cathedral. Indeed, we played before the Lord. Somebody who watched me later on video laughed and commented: "It seems that old cinema hall meant a lot to you." I replied, "You don't know where the Lord has brought me from. I have not forgotten, and I do not intend to forget."

I always try to remember why I came into the ministry. Why did I leave the respected practice of medicine to come into the often controversial and ridiculed job of being a pastor? My original motivation was to win souls. I keep that at the forefront of my mind and I keep pressing on to win more souls.