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Top 10 Books by Dag Heward-Mills

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   AOL 3rd edition in 3D

The Art of Leadership 3rd Edition

The call to ministry is a call to leadership. Once again with an easy going and down-to-earth approach, Dr. Heward-Mills expounds on principles that have made him an outstanding Christian leader.

The truths revealed here will inspire many to the art of leadership.

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Loyalty and Disloyalty

Though a primary requirement of God for leaders, very little has been written on this subject. In this book, Dag Heward-Mills outlines very important principles with the intention of increasing the stability of churches.

So relevant and practical is the content of this book that it has become an indispensable tool for many church leaders.

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  model marriage

Model Marriage

In this classic volume, Dag Heward-Mills provides extensive practical insight into marriage. This extraordinary book will serve as a ready resource material for both the marriage counselor and the married couple.

You will certainly discover in this piece, refreshing and exciting tips to enhance your marriage.

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The Mega Church 2nd edition

Satan wants your church to remain small. The fewer people you have in your congregation the more captives he has. The size of your church shows you to what extent you are depopulating Hell. When you have a mega church, it means that you are establishing more souls. It also means that more souls have escaped from the clutches of the devil.

You must have a mega church because God’s will is that “His house may be filled.” Find out more in this "must have" for all pastors by Dag Heward-Mills.

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  church growth

Church Growth

What is the main task of a pastor? Is it to perform funerals and to officiate weddings? Certainly not! These are certainly duties of a minister but they are not main duties.

If your ministry has deteriorated to the point where your main functions are to conduct marriages and bury people, then you need to read your Bible again! The main duty of a minister is to fulfil the Great Commission.

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  the art of hearing in 3D

The Art of Hearing Second Edition

The will of God can be described as being perfect or imperfect. The imperfect will of God is called imperfect because it has the semblance of the true will of God but is not really what God wants.

The perfect will of God is the complete, mature and full will of God. The imperfect will of God is what God allows men to do even though it is not His first choice for them. Find out more about how you can be in the perfect will of God, in this new book by Dag Heward-Mills.

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Those Who Are Dangerous Sons

A Father Is a Rare Gift. There will be many people who will make an input into your life. Instructors and teachers abound but these are different from fathers. A father’s input is comprehensive. A father gives you a complete package that goes further than a good teaching.

A teacher is concerned about giving a good lesson. A prophet is concerned about ministering the power of God through visions, dreams and words of knowledge. But a father is concerned with your total welfare. Find out more about spiritual fatherhood in this new release by Dag Heward-Mills

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Transform your pastoral ministry

In an era when there are not so many pastoral success stories, this is indeed a welcome book. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, a very successful pastor himself, explains why and how it is possible to make the pastoral ministry effective.

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  church planting

Church Planting

The planting of churches is a phenomenon that is widespread among charismatic ministers. It was a major activity of the early disciples. Successful church planting, however, demands skill and embraces multiple factors.

Dag Heward-Mills analyzes the various components of church planting in this book. It is a training manual for any minister who wants to make church planting his vision for life.

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  catch the Anointing in 3D

Catch the Anointing

This exceptional book by Dag Heward-Mills will teach you what it means to catch the anointing and how you can be anointed for ministry. Learn how to catch the anointing for the work of the ministry. This book is a must for every minister.

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