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download Know Your Men! Know Your Enemy, and you will not be in danger!
Dag Heward-Mills

75:34 min
download 00. First Love Church-The Voice of a Father-04.08.13

107:37 min
download First Love-Encounters Through Your Sexuality-10.11.2013

89:12 min

77:31 min

82:30 min
download First Love Church-How To Live a Supernatural Life Pt.2
Dag Heward-Mills

120:50 min
download How to Listen to the Voice of God
Dag Heward-Mills

71:56 min
download The Voice of the Bible
Dag Heward-Mills

94:38 min

82:13 min

49:28 min
download 00.QODESH-TUESDAY_SERVICE-WAR-19.03.13

75:17 min
download 00._First_Love_Church-Dreams-11.08.13

87:28 min
download I Will Build My Church
Dag Heward-Mills

95:51 min
download The reason why we must follow the voice of God
Dag Heward-Mills

86:05 min
download 000.First_Love_Church-Zealously_Affected_Always(Z.A.A)-14.04.13

40:58 min
download 001.LCI-Tema_Aparche-Healing_Jesus_Partners_Service-14.04.13

51:37 min
download 01- 7 Dimensions of the Beautiful job

75:30 min
download O Man of God, Flee these things
Dag Heward-Mills

62:38 min
download The Art of Shepherding
Dag Heward-Mills

120:51 min
download Seoul_Korea-Why Prayer Is Mysterious-09.10.13.mp3

40:15 min
download John 3:16
Dag Heward-Mills

52:06 min

76:31 min

44:51 min

78:12 min
download 01.FIRST_LOVE_CHURCH-REASONS-10.03.13

76:31 min
download REASONS PT2

91:21 min
download 01.FIRST_LOVE_CHURCH-REASONS_PT3-24.03.13

66:41 min
download 01.First_Love_Church-Boys_in_Danger-29.12.13
Dag Heward-Mills

186:36 min
download Devotion
Dag Heward-Mills

92:05 min
download Discipleship- Can you be a Di

98:34 min
download Encounters
Dag Heward-Mills

73:57 min
download Encounters 2
Dag Heward-Mills

102:18 min
download Encounters Pt. 3
Dag Heward-Mills

97:12 min
download Girls in Danger
Dag Heward-Mills

208:56 min
download Good Fathers and Bad Fathers
Dag Heward-Mills

86:18 min
download How To Live a Supernatural Life
Dag Heward-Mills

111:11 min
download How to Develop the Real Man
Dag Heward-Mills

96:06 min
download How to be a Permanent Church Member
Dag Heward-Mills

74:35 min
download How To Be a Church Member
Dag Heward-Mills

90:32 min
download Spiritual Defences 2
Dag Heward-Mills

77:05 min
download Excellent Sacrifices
Dag Heward-Mills

79:06 min
download Losing to Gain
Dag Heward-Mills

84:14 min
download Plain and Hidden Wisdom
Dag Heward-Mills

101:04 min
download The Hidden Wisdom of the Cross
Dag Heward-Mills

82:57 min
download The Life I Now Live
Dag Heward-Mills

79:10 min
download The Power of a Religion
Dag Heward-Mills

136:54 min

33:17 min

70:37 min

55:48 min

64:53 min

37:56 min
download Many are Called
Dag Heward-Mills

40:45 min

122:23 min

39:25 min

57:09 min
download Jesus The Saviour and The Healer of the World
Dag Heward-Mills

37:37 min
download Zealously Affected Always
Dag Heward-Mills

62:12 min
download 29122013.WATCH NIGHT SERVICE.

132:02 min
download 01._FIRST_LOVE_CHURCH-REASONS_PT._4-31.03.13

74:42 min
download The Sun of Righteousness
Dag Heward-Mills

31:27 min
download 02- Being a Strong Son

48:53 min
download What is a Good Fight
Dag Heward-Mills

39:56 min
download The Leadership of a Woman
Dag Heward-Mills

92:31 min
download You and Your Talent
Dag Heward-Mills

62:27 min
download The Hidden Wisdom of the Cross Pt. 2
Dag Heward-Mills

148:46 min
download 1 John 3:16
Dag Heward-Mills

33:12 min
download Watch and Pray
Dag Heward-Mills

34:13 min

64:13 min

76:31 min
download A Famous Conversation
Dag Heward-Mills

49:48 min

62:25 min

73:10 min

49:42 min

46:52 min

32:32 min

36:47 min
download 03- Be Strong in the Grace

35:56 min
download What to Fight for
Dag Heward-Mills

76:53 min
download Devotion
Dag Heward-Mills

92:05 min
download The Art of Shepherding Pt. 2
Dag Heward-Mills

105:28 min
download Consider the Poor
Dag Heward-Mills

36:52 min
download Qualities for Watching and Praying
Dag Heward-Mills

36:36 min
download Watch and Pray
Dag Heward-Mills

45:43 min

61:03 min

51:33 min

43:22 min

50:10 min
download 04- Endure Hardness as a Soldier and Learn about War

26:13 min
download What to Fight Against
Dag Heward-Mills

111:27 min
download Steps to the Anointing
Dag Heward-Mills

119:42 min
download Consider the Poor
Dag Heward-Mills

52:32 min
download Watch and Pray
Dag Heward-Mills

59:17 min

99:59 min
download Qualities Needed for Watching and Praying
Dag Heward-Mills

32:03 min

61:09 min
download 05- Do not Entangle yourself with this Life,Love and Marriage

25:24 min
download Fighting the Devil
Dag Heward-Mills

26:48 min
download The Effects of the Anointing
Dag Heward-Mills

48:51 min
download 06- Strive for Mastries and Strive Lawfully

31:40 min
download How to identify a human being who has demons
Dag Heward-Mills

79:33 min
download The Shepherding Assignment
Dag Heward-Mills

127:48 min
download 07- Enjoy the fruits of the Ministry

42:27 min
download The Surprises of War
Dag Heward-Mills

56:56 min
download Be a Man of Conviction
Dag Heward-Mills

68:58 min
download 08- Consider Deeply what I say and Keep Reminding the People

44:08 min
download Recap on a good Fight by Bishop Ogoe
Dag Heward-Mills

108:53 min
download Areas You Must Concentrate on
Dag Heward-Mills

75:08 min
download 09- 8 Descriptions of the Beautiful Job

43:48 min
download Four Goals You Must Have for Your Followers
Dag Heward-Mills

125:46 min
download 10- Try to Impress God,Study and Rightly divide the Word of God

38:59 min
download See Ahead and Prepare for the Future
Dag Heward-Mills

78:17 min
download 11- Avoid Useless conversation and Distance yourself from Sin

27:19 min
download Be Ready for a Long Fight
Dag Heward-Mills

42:13 min
download 12- Aspire to be a golden vessel

9:27 min
download Count Your Pennies
Dag Heward-Mills

104:01 min
download 13- Voilently remove certain things from your life

11:28 min
download Developing the Culture of Loyalty
Dag Heward-Mills

109:34 min
download 14- Follow Righteousness,Faith,Love and Peace

70:26 min
download 15- Flee youthful lusts

29:24 min
download 16- Interactions on how to flee youthful lust by Bishop Ogoe

5:12 min
download 17- Avoid Foolish and Unlearned questions And Have a Shepherdorial Heart

98:50 min
download 18- Preach the Word,Learn how to preach in and out of Season And Learn different ways of preaching

43:39 min
download 19- Overcome Itching Ears and Learn how to Pray in the Night

18:44 min
download 20- A Visit by Lady Rev. Adelaide

17:27 min
download 21- Cont. on Learn how to Pray and Do the Work of an Evangelist

33:26 min
download 22- Make full proof of your ministry

60:30 min
download 23- Finish your course and Keep your books close to you

43:52 min
download 24- Be faithful when all men leave you and Consider the Scripture as inspired from God

20:35 min
download 25- The Beauty of Visitation

75:47 min
download 26- Counselling

35:13 min
download 27- Recap with Bishop Ogoe

22:51 min
download 28- Principles of War

60:51 min
download First Love Church-Spiritual Defences-24.11.2013

87:22 min
download Grace Bible Church- How to Deal With Demons in Your Life-10.02.13

123:56 min
download Grace Bible Church- Obedience Now-080213

106:20 min
download Grace Bible Church- Total Obedience-09.02.13

136:14 min
download A Father Can Cause A Son To Go Down By Scattering With His Mouth
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

13:14 min
download A Good Response To Fathers
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

63:56 min
download A Good Response To Fathers
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

55:01 min
download ArchBishop Nicholas Duncan Williams Exhortation
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

102:25 min
download One Hundred Million Souls Part 1
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

70:11 min
download One Hundred Million Souls Part 2
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

89:08 min
download Recap_Seven Ways To Win One Hundred Million Souls
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

145:44 min
download Seven Ways To Win One Hundred Million Souls
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

159:48 min
download HJConference-01-Seven Aspects of Go

125:48 min
download HJConference-02-Twenty Definitions of Go

2:45 min
download HJConference-03-Why God Says We Should Go

58:12 min
download HJConference-04-Twenty Times That God Said We Must Go

47:03 min
download HJConference-05-How We Can Love God

112:44 min
download HJConference-06-Fear_The Reason Why People Do Not Respond To Love

71:14 min
download HJConference-07-Responding To God's Love

183:04 min
download HJConference-08-Spiritual Qualities To Have

26:07 min
download HJConference-09-Carrying Gathering Feeding

64:48 min
download HJConference-10-Fund Raising.22.06.13

148:36 min
download HJConference-11-How To Love God_Love The Lost

102:18 min
Dag Heward-Mills

95:34 min
download NRB-Convention-LifeDeathandJudgement-03.03.13
Dag Heward-Mills

79:45 min
download Perfecting Church International-Why Some People Do Not Use Their Talent-10.02.13

73:52 min
download The Power of The Blood of Jesus
Dag Heward-Miils

19:52 min
download Rhema Church Durban-Art of leadership-07.12.13

71:33 min
download Rhema Church-Durban-How To Be Succesful At Following God-06.12.13.mp3
Dag Heward-Mills

104:44 min
download Rhema Church-Durban-Surging Forward And Catching Up-05.12.13.mp3
Dag Heward-Mills

94:28 min
download Rhema Church-Durban-The Art of Following David-06.12.13

57:44 min
download Russia-Day1-How Jesus Christ became powerful-16.10.2013

101:04 min
download Russia-Day3pt1-The steps to the Anointing-18.10.2013
Dag Heward-Miils

58:09 min
download Russia-Day3pt2-The effects of the Holy Spirit and the Anointing on your life-18.10.2013
Dag Heward-Miils

96:32 min
download Russia-Day4-The Sweet Influences of the Holy Spirit-16.10.2013
Dag Heward-Miils

55:46 min
download 01. The Wisdom of Venom
Dag Heward-Mills

121:24 min
download 02. Day 1 Morning Prayer Marathon by L.P Lulu
Dag Heward-Mills

180:25 min
download 03.How to Develop Internal Powers
Dag Heward-Mills

18:27 min
download 04. Day 1 Afternoon Prayer Marathon by L.P Vivaldi
Dag Heward-Mills

110:05 min
download 05. Inner Strength of Love
Dag Heward-Mills

77:55 min
download 06. Inner Strength of Joy,Patience,Peace, Kindness and Goodness
Dag Heward-Mills

26:24 min
download 07. Inner Strength of faithfulness,Gentleness and Self Control
Dag Heward-Mills

38:03 min
download 08. Day 1 Evening Prayer Marathon by Elder Frank
Dag Heward-Mills

52:00 min
download 09. Serpents as masters of Overcoming Personal Handicap
Dag Heward-Mills

82:15 min
download 10. Six ways of Overcoming Handicaps
Dag Heward-Mills

33:29 min
download 11. Serpents as Masters of Giving Themselves Wholly
Dag Heward-Mills

33:53 min
download 12. Serpents as Masters of Manouvers
Dag Heward-Mills

72:37 min
download 13. Day 2 Morning Prayer Marathon 1 by Bishop Ogoe and Elder Frank
Dag Heward-Mills

90:57 min
download 14. Serpents as Masters of Quick Growth and Development
Dag Heward-Mills

30:05 min
download 15. Serpents as Masters of Survival
Dag Heward-Mills

36:05 min
download 16. Day 2 Afternoon Prayer Marathon by Bishop Ogoe and Elder Frank
Dag Heward-Mills

63:55 min
download 17. Contentment and Dangers of Discontentment
Dag Heward-Mills

53:40 min
download 18. Serpents as Masters of Frugality
Dag Heward-Mills

112:55 min
download 19. Serpents as Masters of Overcoming Demons
Dag Heward-Mills

62:53 min
download 20. Evening Prayer Marathon by Bishop Ogoe and Elder Frank
Dag Heward-Mills

60:26 min
download 21. Serpents as Masters of silence
Dag Heward-Mills

50:42 min
download 22. Serpents as Masters of Camouflage
Dag Heward-Mills

8:51 min
download 23. Serpents as Masters of Defence and Reputation
Dag Heward-Mills

76:21 min
download 24. Time of Sharing with Bishop Ogoe
Dag Heward-Mills

8:16 min
download 26. Masters of Speed
Dag Heward-Mills

180:05 min