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Latest Messages
Grace Bible Church, Soweto
17th January, 2016
Give Thyself Wholly Conference
Soweto - South Africa
13th - 15th of January, 2016

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DownloadNamePlay Length
downloadHow To Be Wise As a Serpent
(Dag Heward-Mills)

107:20 min
downloadGive Thyself Wholly
(Dag Heward-Mills)

142:16 min
downloadHow Your Value Is determined
(Dag Heward-Mills)

102:59 min
downloadHow To Be A Good Personal Assistant
(Dag Heward-Mills)

97:14 min
downloadThe Art Of Ministry
(Dag Heward-Mills)

224:57 min
downloadThe Determinants Of The Ministry
(Dag Heward-Mills)

144:22 min



Hosanna Apostolic Community
Panama City - Panama
11th January, 2016