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Preached at
First Love Church, University of Ghana, Accra
20th July, 2014

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download The Five Determinants (Speed, Strength, Wisdom, Understanding and Skill)
Dag Heward-Mills

99:52 min
download 01.First_Love_Church-What_It_Means_To_Overcome_The_World-The_Determinants-13.07.2014
Dag Heward-Mills

102:35 min
download 02.Charismatic_Evangelistic_Ministry-120_Reasons_Why_You_Should_Be_A_Soul_Winner-13.07.2014
Dag Heward-Mills

62:10 min
download ICC Conference-France-The-Principles-of-War-Session2
Dag Heward-Mills

77:10 min
download ICC Conference-France-Many-Are-Called-Session3
Dag Heward-Mills

82:07 min
download ICC Conference-France-The-Art-of-Leadership-Session6
Dag Heward-Mills

78:40 min
download ICC Conference-France-The-Importance-of-loyalty-Session7
Dag Heward-Mills

70:10 min