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Homecoming 2012 Report

Theme: The Will of Jesus Christ

It’s official!! Homecoming 2012 has began by God’s grace. This year’s homecoming kick started with the flag parade. The flag parade represents the many people in countless nations whose lives God has an impacted through our church Lighthouse Chapel International. The nations represented included China, Australia, Namibia, India, Brazil, Ukraine and so much more.

The theme for this year’s homecoming is the will of Jesus Christ. It is important to know what God’s will in our lives and ministries is. His will guides us in the right direction and leads us to make wise decisions. If we want to have successful ministries, we must follow the will of God. Following His will is a sure way to be fruitful in the kingdom of God. Oneness is the main emphasis in Jesus’ will for us. If we want to accomplish the greater works Jesus spoke about then we as Christians must be united despite our differences. We must join forces to fight against the enemies of God’s will. One of the enemies against God’s will for the ministry are those who forget. Those who forget are the ones that fail to remember where they came from and how far God has brought them.

It is important that we remember the price that was payed for our salvation! We must not forget. Jesus’ will for the world is that the we all might be saved. The Bible says that “for God so loved the world”, not only America, or Germany, but the world! We must not be so consumed with our lives that we forget those who also need the Gospel preached to them. When we forget these secluded places, we are not walking in the will of God for the ministry. The will of God will never be done until we start to see ourselves as a family.


One important topic that is emphasized in the will of Jesus Christ is unity. Unity is a very important aspect in Jesus’ will that it is described as being like the anointing in the Bible (Psalm 133:1-2). When we are united, the anointing flows with ease and accomplishes more than we can imagine.Another enemy against the anointing of unity are those who leave.

Those who leave find no need to be one body in Christ. They want to be individuals no matter the cost. Like the prodigal son, those who leave devour, consume and squander the accomplishments of the church. They have no desire to devote their money, love or loyalty to the church. In leaving, they demonstrate the voice of pride that says that they are not of the church and that they do not need the church. Those who leave prevent the will of God from being done. For us to be in will of Jesus Christ we must be united as a church.

The church is the body of Christ and as a body we can not function without the other body parts. We must be unified as a church! The Bible says “behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”. The will of Jesus Christ is not for us to be divided. Jesus’ prayer for us is that we may all be one.


It is important that we always live our lives in line with the will of God. Jesus’ will for us is that we keep the sheep (John 21:15-17). We have familiarized ourselves with the four main pillars of a healthy Christian life- prayer, reading the Bible, fellowship,and evangelism. We must add one more pillar,which is keep the sheep which have been brought in. Jesus loves the unsaved as much as He loves the saved. We must take care of those that are saved as well.

The key to becoming a keeper is not just to love a selection of people but to love a wide range of people. This means that we must learn to love liars, drug dealers, thieves and dangerous people. God’s will for us is that we must be united! This means that we must be one with the sheep he has given us.

Divisions come when people do not have similar views. Separation comes between the younger and older members of the congregation.Younger people have more feelings. They have the energy to do whatever has to be done for God which may stir up some conflict with the older people in the church. We must not allow this to separate us as a church. If we want to stay young we must not be hard and stiff.

We must change our perspective when it come to the things of God. Let us purpose to be young at heart! And may God’s will continually be done in our lives.

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