Campaigns in 2012

Bissau Report

crowdreportthumbBissau, Guinea-Bissau

Bissau was our final campaign for the year 2012. The atmosphere in the capital city was already full of great expectation as news of the other campaigns was already flooding in.


Canchungo Report

crowdreportthumbCanchungo, Guinea-Bissau.
The campaign trail took the Healing Jesus convoy to Canchungo, located on the eastern end of Guinea-Bissau. It is a major commercial town in the country and is also known for being a center for traditional religious practice.

Buba Report

crowdreportthumb The Fishers of Buba

Buba was the third stop of the Healing Jesus Campaign in Guinea-Bissau. The people were very eager, excited and largely surprised that such an event would happen in their town. It was hard for them to imagine that we would visit a town as small as theirs.

Bafata Report

crowdreportthumb The Campaign in Bafata
The Healing Jesus Campaign continued to Bafata where the people had been waiting expectantly for a campaign in their town. Bafata is the birthplace of Amilcar Cabral; the famous leader and freedom fighter who led the country in their fight for independence.

Gabu Report

crowdreportthumb Gabu, Guinea-Bissau. As the team traveled across the country it as abundantly clear how much people need the Lord, and how great the need for the gospel is. Every town the Healing Jesus Campaign visited it was surprising to find that they had never experienced any event like that! In some places the gospel had never been preached openly before!