Macenta is located in the Guinea (Fouta Djallon) Highlands, about two hours’ drive from the first campaign venue in Guinea in Nzerekore.

The crusade ground was filled by mid-afternoon as the people eagerly awaited the arrival of the Evangelist. In a town where most of the population is Islamic, the Evangelist carefully explained on the first night of the Campaign ‘Why Many People Believe in Jesus’.

Hundreds came forward after the sermon to dedicate their lives to Jesus. The Evangelist led them in the sinners’ prayer which was repeated in French and in another major local dialect ‘Kpelle’.

The Lord worked many mighty miracles to confirm his word.

A lady who had been paralysed for 10 years received her healing. A boy with a swollen stomach for four years was healed – the swelling disappeared after the prayer! Another woman was carried to the crusade by her husband after being unable to move for the last week. She could now walk with ease.

‘John 3:16’ was the title of the Evangelists message on the second and final night of the campaign.

The Evangelist extended the love of Jesus to the people of Macenta and implored them to respond to the call of salvation. And many hundreds responded.

We all stood in awe at the wonderful miracles the Lord worked.

An elderly man was carried to the crusade because he could not walk. He received his healing and came to testify with his wife and sister – walking and dancing and praising God.

A lady who had been bent over for years and had to walk with a stick suddenly became straight after the prayer. It was almost unbelievable! Another lady who was so bent over that she was walking ‘on all fours’ (with both her feet and her hands as support), received her healing. She is now standing up completely straight. One pastor who knew her before also came to testify. God is truly a God of the impossible!

A young girl of nine years became sick at the age of three, and has not been able to walk since. After the Evangelist prayed, she received strength and began to walk!

A young boy who had been deaf and dumb for several years received his healing! After the Evangelists prayer, he turned and said to his mother, ‘my name is Pastor Joel’.

We are so grateful to God for his love that has reached the people of Macenta.