People around the world know Bishop Dag Heward-Mills as a notable teacher of
the word of God, and best-selling author. However, there is much more to the story
and life of the man and the ministry now impacting the world with the life-saving
and miracle-working message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
In over 20 years of ministry, he has presented the straightforward and
uncompromising message of God's love and has inspired hundreds of thousands of
people, particularly in the remotest parts of Africa, through Europe and South
America, to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. His message of
the gospel of Jesus Christ is ever-so fervent and passionate, motivating him to ‘... go and
teach ALL nations...’ (Matthew 28:19). He has remained committed to the preaching and
teaching of the unchanging Word of God, backed by the miraculous power of the Holy
Fulfilling the scripture in Matthew 25:35-36, the crusades present the full Gospel of
Jesus Christ in the form of powerful preaching, divine healing, pastors' conferences,
free medical outreaches and the distribution of clothes to the poor. There are also free
distributions of books authored by Dag Heward-Mills, to all converts and local pastors.
The year 2009 marked the winning of 1 million souls to the Lord!
Notable miracles have been documented in these meetings, indeed confirming the scripture in
Acts 2:22, a man approved of God among you by miracles, signs and wonders. In the crusades, the
blind receive their sight, the lame walk, chronic diseases vanish, the demon-afflicted get delivered and
even the dead are raised. Evangelist Dag, with his crusade team, has held 46 evangelistic crusades
since 2004 and over 6.1 million decisions taken for Christ, at an annual expense of over 2 million
The Healing Jesus Crusades continue to transform the lives of multitudes wherever they go with the power
of the blood of Jesus. As the crusades cross over into international territories, the Evangelist believes that
God’s mercy, favour and grace will continue to be upon this remarkable ministry.
Only eternity will reveal how much the ministry of Healing Jesus Crusade has impacted this generation.