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I became a partner in 2013 during Healing Jesus partner service.  After watching the videos, I wanted to be part of such a great work. I believe that more souls can be reached and saved as we partner with the Healing Jesus Campaign. 

I've been so blessed since I became a partner and have watched God provide for my family. 

When the Healing Jesus Campaign came to my town; Polokwane, South Africa Dec 2014, I was privileged to be part of the workers during the campaign. There's so much to be done, and all the preparations need a lot of money and people to financially support this great work. I have seen the miracles for myself; the blind see, the lame walk and thousands saved through the Healing Jesus Campaign.

I encourage every Christian to support this great work and help Evangelist Dag and the Healing Jesus Campaign team to go and preach salvation.

I thank God for Healing Jesus Campaign.  

God bless the Evangelist and the team for going to all cities to preach salvation.

Koena Monyepao

 Polokwane, South Africa