During the month of May, the Healing Jesus Crusade visited Mozambique: a beautiful coastal city that confirms the creative beauty of God. The Mozambican people are vibrant people, with a colourful culture built out of both Portuguese and indigenous traditions. Sadly, it is also a nation – like many man others in Africa – overrun by poverty, crime and desperation. But thanks be to Jesus Christ our Lord, who holds every soul in high-esteem, forgetting none but desiring that "all men come to the knowledge of the truth."

Evangelist Dag, with his dedicated team of crusade directors, took Mozambique by storm with a series of power-packed crusades. After four mighty crusades in Maxixe, Xai-Xai, Matola and the capital city: Maputo, the Lord touched the evangelist’s heart to have an additional five crusades! With little over a week to prepare, the Healing Jesus Crusade directors were sent out to these towns and by the grace of God, gathered thousands of souls in each of these cities. Although the team had already driven almost 1000km to the west coast and back, evangelist Dag was not afraid to return to the west coast of Mozambique to begin a second set of crusades in the cities of Inhambane, Chibuto, Chokwe, Magude and Macia. What a blessing! Together, these nine crusades saw over 250,000 people in attendance, surrendering their souls to the Lord Jesus Christ.

As the evangelist delivered the pure gospel of Jesus Christ: the beauty of an eternity in heaven; the terror of an eternity in hell; the passion and sacrificial love of God and the unmatched power in the blood Jesus, the chains of darkness were broken off many lives. Many witnessed the miraculous power of God touched lives. The blind received their sight, hearing was restored to the deaf, cripples took their first steps in years, demons were cast out of and even those suffering from different forms of madness were restored and made whole. What a Healing Jesus!

To God be all the glory for His mighty works wrought in Mozambique!

Stay tuned as the Healing Jesus team prepares to take Zambia for Jesus!