The city of Bo is the second largest city in Sierra Leone. This was the venue of the last crusade in this season of campaigns in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The Evangelist preached about Jesus Christ the saviour and the healer.

And this is how the Lord manifested himself .... as the saviour and the healer of the people of Bo.

The Lord worked many wonderful miracles in the city of Bo. After three days, here, this long but exciting journey through three countries and 14 campaigns came to an end.

What started out as a dream was made a reality by the grace of God. we are grateful for the opportunity to go to such far and unreached lands.

To God be the Glory! 




As always, the Evangelist and his entourage received a rich welcome into the city of Abobo.This densely populated suburb of Abidjan is home to more than 1,500,000 inhabitants and is largely Islamic. It rained heavily almost the entire afternoon leading up to the crusade but still a few thousand people gathered eagerly awaiting the Evangelist.

In four nights of campaigns, the lost were saved, the sick healed, and those who were oppressed by demons were set free.

A Man who had not been able to walk for 20 years received his healing. He walked and danced on stage for joy. He then asked at a point 'will it come back?' (Referring to the problem of being unable to walk'. He Evangelist responded with a resounding 'NO!'

A madwoman was healed! She came to her right mind during the prayer and suddenly said 'my clothes are dirty'. She now stands healed and in her right mind.

A man who had been unable to walk for several years was healed. He lost his job because of his sickness, and his wife also lost her job because she had to take care of him. They both testified with tears of Joy.

A woman who had been bent over for eighteen years and had been unable to walk without assistance received her healing! She straightened up and began to walk.

A lady who had been HIV positive for three years could not walk and was bedridden was healed! After the prayer she received strength and began to walk by herself.

A young man with a swollen scrotum had come for the crusade. After the prayer he checked and it had become normal. This condition would normally have required an operation but Jesus healed him.

We give glory to God for his great works in Abobo and in the whole of Cote D'Ivoire.