Kuraman is a town in South Africa with a population of about 13,000.It is known for its scenic beauty and the Eye of Kuruman, a geological feature that brings water from deep underground. Evangelist Dag preached a powerful message titled ‘Unto us a Child is born’ and 'Seek ye the Lord, while He may be found' on the second night. The Evangelist asked the people that if a child were born into this world for us, would we receive Him or reject Him?

Jesus came and did many wonderful things. He is called “Wonderful" and He does wonders! He is the Counselor because He speaks what no one else can say.  He said, "I am The Way, The Truth and The Life". He is the mighty God, the everlasting Father; He will be your Father if you come to Him. (John 1:12) He is the Prince of Peace. He wants to forgive you and cleanse you and give you peace.

The Evangelist Explained to the people of Kuraman on the second night that The best time to seek the Lord is when you are young. Using the example of Lazarus and the rich man, he said once you get to hell, it is too late. Seek ye the Lord while he may be found. God so loved the world that he sent his son. 

The Evangelist then gave the people of Kuruman the opportunity to accept the Prince of Peace and challenged them to turm around from their wickedness and seek the Lord while he may be found.. This deeper understanding of Christ Led many to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Fantastic Miracles!

An old woman who came to the campaign using a walking crutch is healed to the glory of God.

A man who came to the campaign paralyzed because of a stroke in 2010 was touched by the Spirit of God and to his surprise, he can walk!

A little boy who could not see from his left eye since he was in the crèche, put his hands on his eye when the evangelist prayed and when he took his hand away he was healed!

A man who had brain surgery was left severely affected in his left eye and his left ear. As the Evangelist prayed, the power of God touched him and he is healed! He left the stage a very happy man.

A man who was told that he was totally deaf in his left ear 3 years ago was totally healed tonight. He had been waiting for a hearing aid for 3 months and tonight was healed.

A woman who had a lump in her breast placed her hands on her breast while the Evangelist prayed - the lump disappeared after the power of God came upon her.

A young girl who came to the campaign with a hearing aid is totally healed tonight and can hear without the hearing aid.

An 83 year old man is healed and walked for the first time in 27 years without his stick.

A man who had sores and ulcers in his mouth, came for the campaign on the first night but was not healed, had a dream that night that, The evangelist laid hands on him and when he woke up, he was completely healed.

We are grateful to God for his mighty works in Kuraman!


Dag Heward-Mills