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 Good Friday Service, Accra
14th April, 2017
First Love Center, Accra in 
April, 2017
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downloadHow To Develop The Seed of Greatness in You Pt1
(Dag Heward-Mlls)

144:26 min
downloadEunuchs in the Palace (Pt.4)
(Dag Heward-Mills)

96:26 min
downloadWhy Many People Believe That Jesus Christ Is The Son of God
(Dag Heward-Mills)

158:16 min
downloadOil For Light
(Dag Heward-Mills)

105:07 min
downloadEunuchs in the palace (Knowledge)
(Dag Heward-Mills)

102:02 min
downloadEunuchs in the Palace Pt2
(Dag Heward-Mills)

145:08 min


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