I gained admission to school

I love Bishop Dag Heward -Mills. He came to Nkwanta in 2007 and by God's grace I was touched by the power of God and the iron gate in my life had opened that year after the programme. I wanted to enter a certain school and was not getting admission but after Bishop had come with the presence of God, I was admitted easily that year. Since then, I never struggle for admission again. I am in final year in KNUST. Glory be to God.

From Elijah Nchegnan, Kumasi

Baby lying in the right position after prayer

I want to thank the Lord for using Evangelist Dag to do wanders in my life. My baby was breeched but after he prayed for me in Harare I went back for a scan and there he was lying in cephalic presentation.i just give praise to the creator and his servant

Cassie Tafadzwa Mberi, Zimbabwe

My back pain is completely healed.

I have been having back pains for some time now but after attending yesterday's healing and miracle service at the Lighthouse Chapel, Airport I am completely healed. This morning whilst doing my morning chores, I feel no pain and its the same now. The pain is completely gone. I thank you Bishop. God bless you and give you an overflow of His healing touch. I encourage everybody to keep following Bishop Dag wherever he goes and on all media#www.healingjesus.tv#sweetmelodies radio#facebook#twitter....wherever

Aurelia L, Accra Ghana

Divine escape from car accident

A few weeks ago, I was to meet my mother at the mall. As I walked towards the mall to cross the road, I was listening to music. Suddenly the music become very loud so I stopped walking. At that very moment a car passed right where I would have been if I had not stopped. God delivered me from a terrible accident. The day before this, Bishop Dag prayed for us in church and declared that we will not die before our time. I believe that prayer and prophecy is what has saved my life. Thank God for this divine escape!

Velma O, Accra, Ghana

Stage 4 Ovarian cancer healed

My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 (worst stage) ovarian cancer last year. She had surgery and chemotherapy and the cancer cells reduced but this year her blood tests and scans showed that the cancer had recurred. A friend of mine told me to bring my mother to the First Love church for communion about four weeks again. During that service Evangelist Dag prayed for us as we partook of the communion. My mother was scheduled to go for another round of chemotherapy and possibly surgery but we decided to check her blood count for the cancer cells before going the hospital. To my amazement, the cancer cell level which was above 100 before the communion service was down to a normal persons' count. Hallelujah !!!! My mother is healed.

Madam X, Accra, Ghana

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