February 18, 2018  



Dag Heward-Mills


READ: Hosea 12:10, 13



For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory...

2 Peter 1:17


The voice of the anointed carries honour and glory for you. Jesus Christ received honour and glory when there came to him a voice from the excellent glory. Do you not want to receive honour and glory in your ministry?

Hearing the voice of God will make all the difference to your ministry. Hearing an anointed voice can equally have great impact on your life and ministry. Why would hearing the voice of a man have any impact on another man? It is because God also speaks by His prophets and anointed men. He actually uses them to speak.

From today, you must watch out for the voice of the anointed person. God is also speaking by these prophets. Carefully and cautiously handle the preaching, speaking, chatting and conversations of the anointed. Most of the famous teachings of Jesus came from His discussions with the disciples.

The voice of the anointed carries the blessing of God. As you expose yourself to the voice of the anointed, you can expect honour and glory to be imparted into your ministry. All preachers who do not expose themselves to the anointed voice are missing out on the honour and glory that they could have received on their lives and ministry. And that is why you must expose yourself to it carefully.

Jesus Christ received honour and glory when this great voice came to Him from the excellent glory.