January 23, 2017  



Dag Heward-Mills


READ: Acts 24:5-16

...for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him...

2 Timothy 1:12


You must be fully convinced in your heart about anything in which you are involved. To be a committed member of a ministry team requires what I call full persuasion. If you are going to be loyal to me, you will have to be sure about me. Am I somebody you can trust? Am I somebody who is what he claims to be?

In Acts 24:5, Paul was accused of being: “…a ringleader of the sect...” (King James Version), “…a source of mischief...” (New Testament in Modern Speech), “…a veritable plague...” (Berkeley Version of the New Testament), “...a public pest...” (Twentieth Century New Testament), “…a disturber of the peace...” (Weymouth translation).

Anyone working with Paul would have to be fully persuaded about his character. Was there any truth in any of these terrible accusations? The answer is no. It is important to establish in your heart all the facts about the ministry or person with whom you're working. Be fully persuaded so that when the accusations, trials and tests come, you will be able to remain faithful.

Find out the truth behind every rumour. You see, in the normal experience of ministry there will be numerous accusations and rumours about every man of God. If you have many questions in your mind, you will not be a loyal member of a ministry . Answer the questions for yourself or leave.

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