January 25, 2017  


Dag Heward-Mills


READ: Acts 4:32-35

Let us therefore follow after the ...things wherewith one may edify another.

Romans 14:19


It is important not to go to the top alone. If you go up there alone you will become isolated. You will be the only one who has prospered and has tasted the fruits of success. Here are three reasons why you must take everyone to the top with you:

First, to avoid isolation. When you are isolated, you are lonely and have no one with whom to share your joys. Joy shared is double joy and sorrow shared is half-sorrow. I am glad I have people to share my nice things with. I can speak freely about God's blessings on my life because I am not the only one who is blessed. The people around me can relate to those blessings because they experience them as well.

Jesus took His disciples to nice places like weddings (John 2:2). He didn't just take them to the synagogues, prayer meetings, the garden of Gethsemane or Great Commission staff meetings. The second reason is to avoid becoming an easy target. When you are isolated at the top, you become an easy target. You are easy to spot because you are the only one who has certain benefits.

The third reason to consider is this: When you are the only one at the top, you are surrounded by desperate people. Desperate people are dangerous and could harm you at any time. They will try to pull you down to their level of frustration. However, if you are all at the top, they can only pull you sideways and not downwards.

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