'Attempt Great Things
Jamaica  Camp
Friday 03rd July, 2015

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Download Name Play Duration
download Wisdom is the principal thing
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

1:04:58 min
download How the Apostles and Missionaries attempted great things
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

3:23:26 min
download How Jesus Attempted Great Things
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

3:40:54 min
download Be led by the Holy Spirit
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

2:14:01 min
download How God Attempted Great Things Part 2
Dag Heward-Mills

1:45:45 min
download How God Attempted Great Things
Dag Heward-Mills

3:04:40 min
download Blessings of A Father
Apostle Joel Obuobisa

1:24:48 min