'Victory in Laodicea
Camp, Canada
24th - 27th of April, 2016

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Download Name Play Duration
download Victory in Laodicea - Introduction
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

1:25:50 min
download Song Ministration
Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

20:47 min
download Solutions to Lukewarmness
Dag Heward-Mills

1:14:26 min
download How To Become A Good Shepherd
Bishop Eddy Addy

2:48:32 min
download Deliverance from Laodicean Powers
Dag Heward-Mills

2:34:13 min
download How To Be Clothed with Humility
Dag Heward-Mills

2:25:39 min
download Reasons That Leads to the State of the Laodiceans
Dag Heward-Mills

1:17:32 min
download Communion and Prayer by Bishop Dag
Dag Heward-Mills

40:50 min