Fact Sheet

God has blessed Bishop Dag Heward-Mills who has been in the ministry for over 20 years. We thank God for the wonderful things that He has done in the life of His servant. Below are a few facts about the ministry of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. To God be the Glory!

  1. Qualified as a medical doctor in 1989 from the University of Ghana Medical School
  2. Ordained into the ministry in 1990 at the Victory Church, London
  3. Consecrated as a Bishop in 1996, by the International Ministerial Council of Great Britain
  4. Founded the Lighthouse Chapel International in 1988 - Lighthouse Chapel International now has over 3122 churches - Lighthouse Chapel International churches are in 86 countries worldwide.
  5. Has trained more than 2391 pastors worldwide
  6. Has trained over 902 minister shepherds worldwide
  7. Has sent 457 missionaries worldwide
  8. Has built over 550 church buildings worldwide
  9. Has authored over 72 bestselling English books
  10. Has over 20 million books in print - Books have been translated into 43 different languages : English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Amharic and Korean.
  11. Established the Lighthouse Christian Mission Schools in 1995
  12. Established the Anagkazo Bible and Ministry Training Centre in 1997
  13. Established the Healing Jesus Campaign in 2004 and has had 168 campaigns and won a total of 11,505,464 souls
  14. Established the “Work of Ministry” Conference in 2004
  15. Established the Lighthouse Mission Hospital in 2006
  16. Established the Healing Jesus Medical Missions in 2006
  17. Established the Lighthouse Christian Orphanage 2006
  18. Established the Help the Helpless Charity in 2007
  19. Founded the National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches (NACCC), Ghana in 1999
  20. Serves on the board of Church Growth International
  21. Serves on the committee of the Pentecostal World Fellowship