We continue with Healing Jesus Campaign in the country of Zimbabwe. We have already had four successful campaigns where God has continually done great miracles. We have nine more campaigns in Zimbabwe that will continue to the early parts of December.

Our time in Beitbridge has been beyond blessed! At the Pastors Conference in the city, I shared from my book “The Art of Following”. The art of following is the highest form of learning. Three years of the disciples following Jesus made all the difference in their lives.
The final night of the Beitbridge campaign has not been without its share of amazing miracles. What a night! What a blessing! Today I shared on the subject  “The Two Sides of Jesus”. Jesus is our Savior and our judge. Accept Jesus now and be saved from the kind of judgement that will take you to hell. We also witnessed many miracles in Beitbridge. Even the Cinderella of Zimbabwe received a miracle too. Join us for another campaign tomorrow in the city of Gwanda live or via

Finally, I ask once again that you all continue to pray for us and continue believe with us that Zimbabwe shall also be saved!



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