He’s a healing Jesus, a healing Jesus, he’s healing you in Jesus name right now! What a fitting song for an amazing leg of campaigns!! The Healing Jesus Campaign team and I have held a number of campaigns in Zimbabwe this season and what a time we have had! The kingdom of God has rejoiced as many have turned to righteousness. Many have also received their healing from God.

Tonight is our final night in Bindura, Zimbabwe preaching and teaching the gospel to all who are willing. We held a pastors conference yesterday with the pastors of the region equipping them with key tools for ministry. I shared on “The master key to having a great ministry”. This is your vision – Proverbs 29:18. Without a vision things are not going to work out. Most people do not have a great vision for the ministry. It is my prayer that God will anoint the pastors of Bindura to lead His people as he has destined. Join us live on for the remaining campaigns in Zimbabwe and pray for us that many more souls will be translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light!


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