The year 2016 found the Healing Jesus Campaign team in many southern African countries preaching the gospel and winning the lost at all cost! At the end of 2016, the Lord sent the team to the country of Zimbabwe where many came to know and give their lives to Christ. There were countless miracles as many blind eyes were opened, deaf ears opened and, terminal diseases healed in the name of Jesus. The greatest miracle of all was seeing thousands rush to give their lives to Christ each night of the campaign. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! The nation of Zimbabwe has truly been transformed and we, the Healing Jesus Campaign team, look forward to where the Lord will send us in 2017, our year of greatness!




I want to thank God for the grace he has shown the Healing Jesus Campaign team and I for our days in Zimbabwe.We have spent over 30 days traveling over 4,800 km to 14 cities spending morning preaching at pastors conferences and evenings witnessing about the gift of Salvation to masses of people.

To everyone that has been with us throughout this journey, I want to say thank you for your prayers and support. Thank you for your prayers, monetary contributions, your physical presence and much more. May God bless you for all the love you have shown to the people of Zimbabwe. Thank you for your constant support of the Healing Jesus Campaign and remember. “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.” May the Lord repay you back with a double portion of what you have contributed.





He’s a healing Jesus, a healing Jesus, he’s healing you in Jesus name right now! What a fitting song for an amazing leg of campaigns!! The Healing Jesus Campaign team and I have held a number of campaigns in Zimbabwe this season and what a time we have had! The kingdom of God has rejoiced as many have turned to righteousness. Many have also received their healing from God.

Tonight is our final night in Bindura, Zimbabwe preaching and teaching the gospel to all who are willing. We held a pastors conference yesterday with the pastors of the region equipping them with key tools for ministry. I shared on “The master key to having a great ministry”. This is your vision – Proverbs 29:18. Without a vision things are not going to work out. Most people do not have a great vision for the ministry. It is my prayer that God will anoint the pastors of Bindura to lead His people as he has destined. Join us live on for the remaining campaigns in Zimbabwe and pray for us that many more souls will be translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light!



Over the past few days I have been in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe where I was invited by Apostle Colin Nyathi to minister at a conference of the Harvest House International Church.

I was also blessed to be given the honor of consecrating the Apostle into the office of a Bishop and ordaining twenty-three of his pastors, including his wife, as Reverend ministers.

You may ask “why do we consecrate Bishops and ordain ministers?” The answer is simply because order, systems and structures are necessary for continuity of any church.

Satan’s aim is that the church will not continue but our aim must be that the church should and will work. The church is greater than a man and it must continue to go on after we are dead and gone.

For this reason, we must set things in order in the church because when there is order, there is continuity.

May the Lord bless Bishop Colin Nyathi and his pastoral team as they continue to advance the kingdom of God and may the church of God continue to march on from victory to victory. Amen!

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