The year 2016 found the Healing Jesus Campaign team in many southern African countries preaching the gospel and winning the lost at all cost! At the end of 2016, the Lord sent the team to the country of Zimbabwe where many came to know and give their lives to Christ. There were countless miracles as many blind eyes were opened, deaf ears opened and, terminal diseases healed in the name of Jesus. The greatest miracle of all was seeing thousands rush to give their lives to Christ each night of the campaign. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and … Read More



I want to thank God for the grace he has shown the Healing Jesus Campaign team and I for our days in Zimbabwe.We have spent over 30 days traveling over 4,800 km to 14 cities spending morning preaching at pastors conferences and evenings witnessing about the gift of Salvation to masses of people.

To everyone that has been with us throughout this journey, I want to say thank you for your prayers and support. Thank you for your prayers, monetary contributions, your physical presence and much more. May God bless you for all the love you have shown to the … Read More




He’s a healing Jesus, a healing Jesus, he’s healing you in Jesus name right now! What a fitting song for an amazing leg of campaigns!! The Healing Jesus Campaign team and I have held a number of campaigns in Zimbabwe this season and what a time we have had! The kingdom of God has rejoiced as many have turned to righteousness. Many have also received their healing from God.

Tonight is our final night in Bindura, Zimbabwe preaching and teaching the gospel to all who are willing. We held a pastors conference yesterday with the pastors of the region equipping … Read More



I had the privilege of being invited to minister at the Cathedral of Praise in Manila, Philippines this past week. God gave us the opportunity to witness many amazing testimonies of healing and miracles!

We witnessed a 95 year old great-grandmother who had been deaf for 12 years receive healing in ears and today, she can hear! We also witnessed a woman blind for many years receive healing for her sight. A young dancer who had not been able to dance in church due to back pain also received her healing. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever … Read More



Glory to God! We have just ended three days of another leg of the Healing Jesus Campaign in the city of Bohicon in the Northern part of Benin. This has been three days of salvation and healing all to the glory of God’s name. The campaign trail continues today in Abomey-Calavi, Benin until the 7th of June. Join us on at 7pm GMT to participate and be blessed by this campaign. Blessings!

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There are three main stages of growth spiritually. Just as in the physical realm there are the baby, childhood (toddler-teen years) and adult stages (man), there are similar stages in the spiritual realm. To be an adult in the spiritual realm entails you constantly feeding on the Word of God (1 Peter 2:2), having the ability to make wise decisions and more.

Repentance is also a big part of entering spiritual manhood! Our Christianity starts with repentance. If you have not fully repented of the things you used to do before you received salvation, you need to examine yourself. The … Read More



The Healing Jesus Campaign team has been in Twifo Praso, Ghana since Monday March 17th and indeed God has been there with us. He has prepared the hearts of the people of Twifo Praso to receive His word.

On the first night of the Twifo Praso campaign, I preached about the Blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is the most powerful thing Jesus brought along with him to the earth. On this Earth, money and fame are what matter; the more money and power you have, the greater you are but in heaven, it is only the blood of … Read More

Healing Jesus In Burkina Faso


It has been such a blessing and experience preaching the gospel on this leg of the Healing Jesus Campaign in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.

We have had four days of night campaigns and three days of morning pastors conferences here. By the grace of God, the team and I will be arriving in Ouahigouya tomorrow to begin a three day campaign there also.

The Ouahigouya Healing Jesus Campaign will be the last one of this year. We are believing God that many more souls will be won for the Lord and even more miracles as we head to Ouahigouya. God … Read More

Healing Jesus Campaign in Côte D’Ivoire


This leg of the Healing Jesus Campaign in Côte D’Ivoire has been filled with countless signs and wonders.

We have seen the power of God at work. Many people have been healed and delivered from evil spirits.

From the our last campaign in Abobo, a mad man and woman came up on stage to testify of their healing. They were brought to the campaign as mad people by family and friends and as the power of God touched them during the prayer for the sick, they suddenly came to their senses. Immediately, they turned to the people who brought them … Read More



Sometimes I wonder “is it possible to live a supernatural life in the natural realm?” The answer to this question is yes it is! There are many ways you can continue to live a supernatural life in this natural world.

One way you can maneuver and circumvent in this very accursed system is to be led by the Spirit. The Bible says that as many as are led by the Spirit they become the sons of God or supernatural. When you live a supernatural life, you are guided and led by the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is working, … Read More