What a healing Jesus we serve. The campaign team and I have spent another week in Zambia ministering in Kitwe. As we get close to rapping up this season of the campaign, it is amazing to see what the Lord is doing in this nation. I believe that Zambia will never be the same. Read this testimony of what God is doing in Zambia and be blessed.

The DEAD is raised in Kitwe, Zambia
He has been sick in Intensive Care in the Luanshya hospital for several days. Doctors put oxygen on him to keep him alive. According to his mother who is standing by my side in these pictures wearing green, she received a call in the afternoon that her 3rd boy in the hospital had died. When she arrived, the oxygen had been taken off him and he was being prepared for the mortuary. She had heard of the anointing on Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills which was making the blind see and the lame walk. He was in the Kitwe Boys school park conducting yet another crusade. So she and her daughter rushed to the campaign believing God for the impossible. This morning at the Power Conference in Kitwe, these two women came running up the Healing Jesus stage to testify that at the end of the campaign they received a call from the hospital that the young man is BACK TO LIFE. He is now alive. They are coming back this evening to tell everyone what The Healing Jesus has done. Receive this kind of mind blowing miracle now, now, now!!!

What a miraculous and healing Jesus we serve. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever!!!!! Receive your long awaited miracle now in the name of Jesus Christ.



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