The Healing Jesus Campaign made its way into the nation of Zambia during the month of August and early September of this year. Zambia is home to some of the largest copper mines in Africa. It is also rich with its unique blend of wildlife as well as the majestic Victoria Falls.

By the grace of God, the campaigns witnessed many powerful miracles; the greatest of all being the salvation of hundreds of thousands of souls. What a blessing it was to see lives surrendered to Jesus Christ. Evangelist Dag preached night after night of various soul piercing topics including Lazarus and the Rich Man, Number Your Days and John 3:16.

Not only did God demonstrate His saving power through the word, but He demonstrated His great miracle healing power too. Evil spirits were bound and blocked and sicknesses of every kind were healed. Breast lumps disappeared, ears popped open and sight was restored to many. Jesus was even healing people remotely. A young lady testified in tears that her mother in another city had been healed after the evangelist prayed over a picture of her. Zambia will never be the same again!



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