The year 2017 saw the Healing Jesus Campaign team all over Africa. This year, the door was opened for the team to visit the Southern countries of Africa and they found themselves in the country of Mozambique during their first season.

The first campaign found the team in Maxixe. There were over 30,000 souls gathered to witness the Evangelist deliver the word of God. Many were delivered from devils, healed of their infirmities and a lady who was bent over for many years received her healing and stood up straight for the first time in front of the crowd. Jesus Christ is a healing Jesus and the city of Maxixe has surely been transformed and won for God.

The cities of Xai-Xai and Maputo also graciously welcomed the campaign team with over 100,000 people in attendance in Maputo. There were many notable miracles witnessed by all who were in attendance. Some of these miracles included a little boy who had never walked since birth receive healing and the ability to walk. Countless other people also received healing in their legs and walked away without their wheelchairs. To God be the glory for all the wonderful miracles that were wrought in Mozambique and the beautiful nation will never be the same.


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