For some weeks now, I have been preaching about Spiritual Determinants. One of the spiritual determinants which decides the outcome of our lives is blessings. There are certain actions we can take in lives to acquire blessings. These things are gateways to blessings. They open the door for blessings to come into your life. To be blessed is one of the greatest determinants that can shape your life and your ministry.

Last week, I shared these four ways to have the blessings of God come upon your life:

1. Follow the call of God on your life like Abraham did in Genesis 12:1-3

2. Honor your father and mother

3. Associate with a blessed person

4. Ask God for His blessing.

This week I would like to share with you a few more principles that activate the blessings of God upon our lives.

5) Sacrifice for The Lord
- Sacrificing for the Lord activates His blessings upon your life. Whether it be sacrificing food through fasting or sacrificing money or even your time , sacrifices move the heart of God to induce blessings over your life. Abraham was ready to sacrifice his son Isaac to the Lord.

6) Live where God wants you to live and not where you want to live. (Genesis 26:1)
- God blessed Abraham when he obeyed His voice to move and live where God wanted him to live. Everyone wants to move and live in Egypt. Egypt is a place where there is no famine and life is supposedly better there. Egypt is a place people travel to for a better life. When you are in Ghana, your  Egypt may be London, UK, America and other European countries. Egypt is not necessarily a cursed place, but if God does not want you to be there, you will not be blessed while you are there.

Some missionaries fear being moved to other African countries or developing countries. Missionary work sometimes means traveling in the opposite direction. Being in Egypt does not mean you will automatically be blessed. It is not about where you think you will be blessed, but where God wants you to be.

7) Become a son of someone who is not your biological father but has blessings to give. (Genesis 48:9) Jacob blessed the sons of Joseph!

8) Obedience in whom you marry brings blessings (Gen 28:6)
- One of the biggest problems older people have is with their marriages. The instruction to Esau not to marry a Canaanite women was one with encoded blessings. Learn to listen to the advice of your parents and spiritual fathers on who to marry.

Receive the wisdom on to how to become a blessed person! Receive the blessing of the Lord upon your life. Blessings!

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