For several weeks, I have been sharing about the subject of the determinants. Determinants are things that control and regulate our lives. In Ecclesiastes 9:11 we are told that these determinants are speed, strength, wisdom, understanding, and skill. This week we are on the last part of this scripture which is the greatest part. It is the part that has the most effect on our lives and that part is favor.

Life is full of races. We are all in a race to be chosen, to finish school, to get married, to have kids and many other things. Many women are in this particular race to have kids before their “clock” says “time-out”.  If you do not have children at an early age it increases the likelihood of the child having deformities. Whether you like it or not, races exist in this life and only those who are fast will win this race. That is why the time at which you take a decision is very important.

Favor is one of the most important determinant in our lives. Favor comes by being chosen. When you are shown favor, you are chosen among a group of people who are similar to you. You are chosen despite your imperfections and that is why Proverbs 22:1 tells us that favor is far more valuable and precious than silver and gold. God showed Joseph an abundance of favor in his lifetime. Even while he was in prison, God gave him favor with the prison guards. God also gave Daniel and Esther favor to be chosen among the multitude. Without the favor of God neither of them would have made it to such high position. Favor is a blessing from God! If you’re chosen and you don’t see it as a privilege, you may lose that favor that is being shown to you. You can also receive favor by being skillful.

Yearn for God’s favor to be upon your life. I see God giving you favor with Him and among men. I see you being chosen!  Receive the favor of the Lord!

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