The healing Jesus campaign team has advanced into southern Africa, stating from Tzaneen, the second largest town in Limpopo province, South Africa. I was welcomed onto the stage by the pastors and people of Tzaneen and preached a message titled ‘’Greater Love” accompanied with miracles, signs and wonders. A doctor who had a lump in her breast cancelled her surgery appointment when she saw the advert of the Tzaneen crusade on TV. As I prayed, the power of touched her and the lump has disappeared. A woman who had been unable to walk and bend came for the crusade. The healing hand of God touched her tonight and she can walk. A man who came to the crusade completely deaf is touched by the power of God tonight and he can hear.

As the crusade continued into a second day a powerful message titles ‘Behold I stand at the door and knock (Revelation 3:20) was preached. I explained to the people, that Jesus was standing at the door of their hearts waiting to be let in. Using the example of Jairius’ daughter, I explained that when Jesus comes to a place where there is sadness, tears and distress, before he leaves, there will be joy and laughter! I invited the crowed to give their lives to Jesus. Thousands took the decision to give their hearts to the Lord. This day was also accompanied by numerous healing and miracles.

Thank God for His visitation and healing touch in Tzaneen. The campaign continues on today at through Dec.6th at 5pm GMT. Tune into www.healingjesus.tv to catch the live stream.


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